Efficiently reducing costs for our clients while improving their profitability is our purpose.

With our Expertise in business agility; integration , transformation and cost efficiencies; We provide the technology to solve any kind of IT related issues. We are flexible to fit any global needs. We can work within any budget. Infact, we offer a free of charge help for any charitable organization.

Our local and international teams are backed by global resources with a strong track record of quality delivery at a high client satisfaction standardized productivity tools and processes Integrated, end-to-end service process model focused on business objectives and outcomes predictable, measurable, transparent and consumption-based pricing model Enhanced scalability for on/off boarding of resources business process services are grouped into five broad areas of expertise, each of which is focused on delivering business outcomes: B2B operations support B2C operations support Purchase management Revenue management Supplier payments Systems integration services Interconnecting systems and applications to best run your business Our Service integration system is Exceptional. We commit to to Over Deliver and We do not accept Anything less than Excellence. We address your optimization concerns. We take into account your budget while providing you with the best quality service on the market. AGLA a performance leading organization. AGLA has developed specialized expertise in the following practice areas: Enterprise application integration – providing effective integration of applications to support your business processes and achieve business results Enterprise architecture services – orchestrating people, processes and infrastructures to improve the performance of an enterprise's architecture functions Business intelligence services – helping organizations harness the power of big data and customer analytics to drive business value Data management services – ensuring data availability, the efficient response to end user requests, and the adaptation of a constantly growing infrastructure Enterprise content management – making pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise to improve performance and productivity and to reduce cost and risk Enterprise resource planning – helping clients get the most from their ERP investments, from third-party ERP packages, such as from Oracle and SAP, to AGLA Information Systems' industry-leading solutions and IT expertise Information security services – implementing proactive, business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance Mobile computing – increasing productivity, improving service access and building customer loyalty through enterprise mobile solutions Cyber Security Expertise. AGLA Cybersecurity system has a variaty of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, the term security implies security. Here are common attack patterns. Crimeware. Insider and privilege misuse. Physical theft and loss. Web app attacks. Denial-of-service attacks. Cyber-espionage. POS intrusions. Payment card skimmers.

Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Optimization

Enterprise Integration With SOA Solutions

Enterprise Security Management

CRM Integration, Web & Mobile Applications


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